Advantages and disadvantages of vertically Mount GPUs

Advantages (benefits) and disadvantages of vertically Mount GPUs:

Are you thinking of Mount your GPU vertically? If you are then you should read this post because here I am going to discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of it and most importantly should you mount your GPU vertically or not?

Nowadays, PC builders like to Mount their GPUs vertically, but you may have to face tons of troubles with it. Undoubtedly, it looks great with the awesome RGB effects, comes by the manufacturer companies when mounted vertically, but should you do it?

So, let’s discuss the main advantages (benefits for mounting your GPU vertically):

Advantages (benefits) of vertically mounted GPUs:

#1. Looks great:

The main reason why most of the custom PC builders and gamers like to mount their GPUs vertically because it looks cool and they can fully enjoy the awesome look of the expensive GPU.

When you don’t install a GPU vertically, it just doesn’t look very good compared to the vertical one.

So, ya it is a huge benefit of vertically mounted GPU. You can make your PC more good looking after installing it this way.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertically Mount GPUs

#2. Proper use of RGB:

Nowadays, most after premium graphics cards come with awesome RGB effects and they are highly customizable and awesome for RGB lovers.

But if you don’t mount your GPU vertically can’t use the full potential of the cool RGB lighting. So some PC users don’t like this thing.

You have to pay a very heavy amount to buy one of the GPUs and if you can’t use it properly, it is heartbreaking. That’s why users like to Mount their GPUs vertically.

To use the RGB of your GPU, you need to mount it vertically and it is one of the main benefits of it.

#3. Good for custom build:

If you are building a custom PC then you can also use this vertically mount GPUs. They are perfect for custom computer especially for water-cooled and you can also use the awesome RGB effects come with the GPU if you install them vertically for custom builds.

#4. Cooling is not an issue for water cooling PC:

Generally, we can see the vertically mounted GPUs cause problem in air-cooled computers but if you are using a water-cooled PC then don’t have to worry for you. There is not gonna be any trouble for you.

In air-cooled cabinets, when you mount GPU vertically, it’s just can’t leave enough space for other parts. Due to which the airflow decreases.

But in case of water-cooled PCs, all main components which need cooling are gonna be cooled down properly even with vertically mount GPUs.

Since the water cools the whole system, so the spacing between the parts doesn’t matter and all the parts can be cooled with less space.

Vertically mount GPUs can be a very good option for you if you are gonna build a custom water-cooled PC. This is a very good benefit to it.

Disadvantages of vertically mounted GPUs:

With advantages, very mount GPUs also occurs many problems too. However, all the modern PC cabinets nowadays coming which vertically mount GPU features, But till now it is not fully error free.

And that’s why you may have to face some issues if you wanna do it.

#1. It can block other parts:

When you mount your GPU vertically it basically blocks other parts of your PC and it is obviously not a good thing. 

When it consumes much space, your PC parts can’t consume air properly and that’s why you can’t get that much performance compared to a non vertically mount GPU.

#2. Impact in airflow for air cooling PC:

I said before installing GPUs in this way need more space compared to the normal ones. That’s why your CPU can’t send the heat outside because of insufficient space and it can’t actually give sufficient airflow which is very important to get good performance.

As a result, the major pc parts like CPU, GPU in spite of having a good cooling system can’t be cooled down properly. And the high temperature is not good for your PC health as well as it decreases the performance.

With restricted airflow, you can’t also overclock your pc parts because it heats up too quickly. And it also can’t give good performance in overclocking.

This is the biggest problem due to which many users including me can’t go with vertically mount GPUs.

#3. It decreases performance:

If you are thinking you can get the same amount performance after mounting your GPU vertically like before in air-cooled PC, it is not gonna happen. It is my personal experience: after mounting your CPU vertically the performance decreases very badly.

Not only that due to heating issues you have to also face troubles in overclocking your PC components.

#4. It can damage GPU too in the long run:

Since I have not mounted my GPU for a long time, I have not enough experience in the long term. But according to experts and some users also say that if you consistently mount it vertically then the life of your GPU can also decrease.

As I said before, GPUs are so expensive and nobody likes this, but the truth is on an avarage vertically mount GPUs have shorter life compared to the normal ones.

#5. vertical mounting cable:

If you are planning to mount your GPU vertically, you also need a good vertically mounting GPU cable for your graphics card. And this cable is not very cheap too.

So, ya you have to purchase it externally and you get it around 50 bucks.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertically Mount GPUs

Should you mount your GPUs vertically?

Now, the real question occurs should you mount your GPS vertical or not? If you ask me I suggest not doing it.

Since it has tons of disadvantages compared to its advantages and they also impact your computer performance and I don’t like to take a risk with your GPU life for just good looking.

On the other, hand for doing this purpose, you also have to buy some other stuff like the cable and also select cabinet which supports vertically mount GPUs.

As I personally noticed cabinet which supports vertically Mount CPU are a little bit bigger than normal ones. So if you don’t want a bigger case or cabinet, you shouldn’t do it.

Are vertical GPU mounts bad foot your PC?

If you aren’t a hard-core PC user and don’t care if your GPU gets damaged (rich people:), then you can use it. It is not bad for you.

Okay, yes it is not very useful for gamers and budget computer users. As I discussed above vertically mounted GPUs have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you ask me, I don’t suggest it for your PC.


I hope after reading this post, your conception about vertically mount GPU is clear and understand the advantages and disadvantages of it.

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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