About Us

About US:

In this webpage, we would like to introduce you about hardcore gaming. I am in this field for 8-10 years. And finally wanted to share my knowledge with you gamers.

What you find here:

You, on this page, can gain knowledge about gaming. Moreover, you can also get reviews of new games and a list of must play games. Or if you guys request us for any help, it is my pleasure, I don’t refuse you.

Over all,here you get gaming news, reviews, upcoming games, rating,blogs etc. etc.

How I come in this blogging field:

Before I start by long and may be (not interesting story),I will introduce myself to you.

Hello guys, My name is Jyotirmay Kashyap and I am 23 years old. I started to play a game when I was 10 years old. Then PC’s like GTX2080 Ti didn’t come in the market, then I have integrated Intel graphics card and the main game of pc was IGI, the real king. It changed the gaming culture all over the world. After that, I continued my journey. So I have too many favorite games which really increases my avidity for gaming and I created I separate counter named “personal favorite” where I mentioned my personal favorite games for you. I hope you will try this and after this please reply me how is your experience? Maybe some games you have played earlier.

So at the end,I hope you guys like me and my page both because it matters a lot for me.

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So once again “Thank you gamers”:):):)