7 things you should know about water cooling

7 things you should know about water cooling

Are you planning to cool down your system with the current trend i.e.water cooling? If you are thinking about it, you should read this post once because in this post I am gonna discuss 7 main factors you should know about water cooling.

if you analyze, you see the graph if water cooling users are continuously increasing. And I hope after a few years, it is gonna be as popular as air cooling.

But, there are tons of things you should know about it before just installing it into your system. Don’t worry, I am writing this post only to explain which are the main factors that affect it, so let’s discuss-

#1. Does water cooling need thermal paste?

The answer is yes you need a thermal paste in a water cooling PC. Because if you can’t apply thermal paste on the cooler, it can’t transfer the heat from the CPU to the cooler, as a result, it can’t work properly.

I know most of the coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste, but if it isn’t pre-applied, you should apply it manually to get the best results from your cooler as well as the PC. And it is also very important for your computer’s health.

Overall, thermal paste is very important and has to be added in both air and liquid coolers. You should talk with the manufacturer company of your water cooler, if it contains thermal paste pre-applied, if not, just do it.

#2. Does water cooling need refilling?

Are you also worried about refilling your water cooling PC? Don’t worry, if you are using a closed-loop water cooling system, you don’t have to worry about refilling water.

But, after years, water from these closed-loop tubes can be evaporated and since you can’t open a closed tube, you have to talk with the manufacturing company for servicing.

But, now the latest water cooling kits come with customizable loops so that you can actually open them and refilling them too. It is not very tough to refill it once after opening the tube.

That’s why I highly recommend using those water cooling loops which can be open after installing later and change refill the water.

Overall, if you are using a closed-loop water cooler, you don’t have to refill water and if you are using a custom one or open, you have to refill it.

#3. Does Water cooling use more power?

The Direct answer is yes, a water cooling system needs more power in cooling. But the overall power consumption is almost the same if we compare a water cooling to an air cooling system. How let’s discuss this?

See, the majority of computer components use less power while they are cooled. I mean the power consumption of CPUs and GPUs tremendously increases when they heated up.

And as I said before, water cooling keeps system parts cooler than an air cooler. And that’s why they consume less power.

However, this water cooling processor needs a little bit more power, but if we compare the overall power consumption, it is gonna be almost some.

Note that, the power consumption of any system also depends on what type of parts you are using. Like if you are using beasts like RTX 2080Tu, obviously it is gonna need more power.

So, the overall power consumption of water cooling systems is almost the same as air cooling PCs.

#4. Does water cooling loop order matter?

Many people confuse about if they have to follow a specific pattern, loop order in other words which installing their water cooling system. But, actually, it doesn’t affect much.

7 things you should know about water cooling

In water cooling, it doesn’t affect the loop order of CPUs and GPUs. Some suggest that you should connect the CPU block first then after that GPU block. So that the cool water can first enter the CPU, then GPU.

But, as my personal experience, it doesn’t affect much actually. I have used a water cooling system for five years (2015-2019), the loop order of water cooling PC doesn’t affect the overall performance.

But, if you want to be more secure, you can follow the exact loop order given that comes with your water cooling kit.

#5. Does water cooling make any difference?

Of course, water cooling can make a huge impact not only on the cooling of a system but also it is directly proportional to the performance. Since the whole water cooling system works on distilled water, the efficiency of cooling any Pc part like the GPU or CPU increases tremendously compared to a decent air cooler.

Moreover, water cooling can give you some awesome results if you are only using high-end PC parts like Intel core i9 9900K, Ryzen 9, RTX 2080Ti.

Otherwise, a decent air cooler can also cool down i5, i7 (which are mid-range CPUs), so in that case, water cooling can’t give a huge increasing spike performance-wise.

So, obviously water cooling makes a huge difference in performance than air coolers, especially in high-end PC parts.

#6. is water cooling worth it?

I say it depends. Because if you are thinking you use it with a mid-level PC and you can see a huge impact on performance, you are wrong. But, if you know that your air cooler is no longer capable of cooling your system well, then you can go with water cooling.

So, if you are using a beast PC and you know that your PC actually need a water cooling system, yes it completely worth buying. That’s why you have to do a little bit of research to know if water cooling is suitable for your PC, then only I recommend you install it.

Overall, water cooling completely worth it if you know how to use it and most importantly where to use it.

#7. Does water cooling GPU void warranty?

Most of the GPU manufacturer companies have their own rules and regulations like if you open your Graphics card once, its warranty will be voided.

So, unfortunately, yes, if you water-cool a GPU its warranty void if the GPU manufacturer company have the rule I have mentioned above (which almost everyone has).

So, always make sure to contact your GPU manufacturer company and ask in advance about it, otherwise, you have to suffer.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed some factors which you have to look before installing ay water cooling system. I hope this post helps you in getting answers to your doubts.

That’s it for today. If you have any issues with water cooling, don’t forget to comment down below. See, you in the next one, tada:)

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